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ARTISTS: Alfred Lenz | Bartholomäus Traubeck | Nika Rukavina | Breathe Earth Collective| Esad Babačić | Catrin Bolt | Markus Hiesleitner | ONKO | K.ADA | Kathi Velik

Humankind once saw itself as an integral part of nature. All across the ancient world origin myths where humans were intimately linked with trees and nature, were shared around campfires. The exhibition grows out of concern about the condition of our planet and the ecologi-cal disaster in which the Earth finds itself as a result of our rejection of this ancient understanding. In the past 25 years, the world has lost 1.3 million square km of forest. Increased air pollution, loss of drinking water and global warming are all direct consequences of deforestation. ONCE UPON A TIME aims to ask questions about the identity of the human race and the consequences of ecocide we are responsible for.

Photos © Ulrike Rauch